It's Wedding Site Shopping Time-of-Year

We're showing a lot of property this time of year as those couples who don't have their wedding site for 2015 are shopping for one and those early birds for 2016 are hot on the trail. Last week I was showing Hunter Hill Winery and was once again amazed at what a beautiful place it is. You have to wonder, is it a Winery, a Vineyard or a Farm?

Hunter Hill is no ordinary winery which is why it makes such a great wedding location. It's more like a trip to Tuscany or Provence. Just 4 miles from Soquel Village up Glen Haven Road in the Soquel Hills but you feel like you're in the country. The grapes are framed by the Redwoods surrounding them and the atmosphere is so bucolic, you may not want to drive back to civilization. The owners, Vann and Christine Slatter are love birds themselves and started their marriage at the ripe old ages of 16 & 18, raising their two sons on the ranch. The property was an Apple Farm at the turn of the century when Christine's Northern Italy parents lived there. The tasting room itself is reminiscent of the old barn that it once was. Apples were replace with grapes and from Spring until Fall, the scenery is constantly changing. The grapes are going through their season, of course, but the rows could be covered in mustard, poppies, sunflowers or lined with giant zinnias, depending on the time of year.

Organic vegetable gardens and 100 Avocado trees dot the property and produce is for sale during the Summer months as well as eggs from Christine's free range chickens. The wine is award winning and pretty delicious too. Beyond the ridge of Pinot grapes lies Fogline Farms specializing in pastured pork, poultry and organic produce.

Go up and take a look. It's a delightful setting for a wedding or even a rehearsal dinner or brunch.