Having Fun with Table Assignments!

With Wedding season quickly approaching and the RSVP's rolling in, the questions of whether or not you should do table assignments is probably on your mind. Walking into the dining area and looking for open seats can be frustrating for guests, especially if they have lingered too long in the cocktail area and they have people in mind that they'd like to sit with.

There are pros and cons but overall, most guests appreciate being assigned to a table of companions that the bride and groom feel they will enjoy the dinner hour with. It's a bit more work than open seating but you can have a lot of fun with the table names or numbers and creatively letting the guests know where they will be seating. Below are some fun assignments that tied in the over all "theme" of the wedding. If you have a plated meal, you will need to indicate the menu choice on the guests assignment-not so, if it's a buffet.

A common misconception is wanting to show assignments by table (such as a picture frame saying Table 1 and listing the guests below) but it actually takes guests a lot longer to find their seats this way. Organizing them alphabetically will ensure that they find their names promptly and you don't lose precious party time on the way to dinner.