Brad and Jenae Tie the Nott!

There were lots of really special moments at last week's wedding at Rancho Soquel. The black, white and mint theme was carried out perfectly with the help of They offer an array of vintage themed pieces that really pulled it all together. From the black and white striped cushions to the wonderful signage around the property, the design rentals that they provided really "tied" the event together...pardon the pun. 

When your finance's last name is Nott, there are many obvious ways you can go with this. Tying the Nott was a major theme throughout the day, for sure, but the fact that he is active military only added to the formality of the event.

Maybe the most dramatic moment of the day came when they couple crossed the bridge at Rancho Soquel and passed under the Arch of Sabors, the traditional welcome to military wives.

The Father/Daughter Tango was a highly anticipated dance and it was a real crowd pleaser....they took 12 dance lessons in order to flawlessly perform the beautiful dance.

And while we're doing things a bit differently, what about It's It ice creme bars for dessert? The guests loved them!