When Teachers Marry

When two teachers marry, not only do we get a lot of very well organized DIY projects but an event designed with the children in mind? Last weekend Nicole and Garrett's wedding was a super organized, very personalized event. The seating assignments were photos of each and every guest, most at events with the bride and groom. On the bottom of the Polaroids was the guests name and on the back, the table assignment, all hung very carefully in frames in the grape arbor. It was a huge project but what a great surprise for the guests.

When they found their table, there was another really amazing touch- a personal note to each and every guest inside the lantern decor. Did I mention they were teachers? The guests were delighted but not as much as the children who had their very own child sized table and chairs to do crafts at. " I spy "game cards and coloring books all about the wedding were quite a hit.

Since Peach was the color of the day, specialty cocktails were Sidecars and on each and every plate was a juicy ripe peach, conceivably for decor but they smelled and looked so delicious, they were gobbled up by the guests during dinner!

A truly gorgeous wedding for a really special couple!