A Beautiful Day for a Very Sweet Couple!

Rancho Soquel was host of the August 22nd nuptials of Nicole and Joe, a wonderfully sweet couple who filled their special day with family, friends and lots of love! The globe guest "book" was a fun alternative that the guests enjoyed leaving their best wishes on. The couple also honored their parents and grandparents by having a table of old wedding photos for guests to peruse. Cocktail hour was filled with fun and games...literally as cornhole and ladder ball kept everyone entertained.  

The toasts were heartfelt and tear jerking, as well as adding lots of laughs to the day. After dinner the guests were invited to munch on the numerous amounts of sweets on the adorable dessert table or pose for a photo inside the awesome Booth Bus (http://www.theboothbus.com/). The cigar and whiskey bar proved to be one of the guests favorite aspects of the event! Getting back to the theme of the day, love, the night ended with a group dance under the twinkling lights of the dance floor.