A Wedding by the Bay!

Erin and Michael’s September 20th wedding at the Monterey Bay Aquarium was filled with originality; from the venue itself, to the bride’s attire, to the touches of technology, the couple’s personality could be seen everywhere. 

The wedding was held in the aquarium’s Open Sea space, which provided a magical backdrop for the ceremony and a fun space for guests to explore pre-ceremony and during the reception. The cake was a traditional French wedding cake called a croquembouche. The guests loved the look of it and especially the taste!

Rainbow lights were everywhere during the event. There were LED lights on every table that changed color when you tapped them. Multi-colored ice cubes in all the drinks. Most amazing, the groom designed custom shoes for his bride that lit up. He designed an app that the guests could download and use to change the color of her shoes throughout the night. 

What a fun event that we hope everyone, especially the newlyweds, remember fondly for years to come!