What Questions to Ask When Visiting Potential Wedding Venues!

Choosing a wedding venue can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. These 11+ questions will help in narrowing down the perfect place to hold your special day!

1. Is this venue available on the date/month/time of year I want? This should be the first question you ask any venue. If it is not available when you would need/want it there is no point in moving forward with discussions. If you don't have a specific date in mind, ask them what dates are available. This will give you an idea of what time of year to start thinking about having your wedding. 

2. Can I afford this venue? Sticking to your budget is important. Do not put a $12,000 venue on your list if you can only afford $8,000. Besides being a waste of time, it will break your heart if you fall in love with a place that you ultimately cannot afford. 

3. What is the capacity of the venue? Can this venue fit all your guests? Does the price change depending on how many people you invite? This will help you decide if the venue is in your budget still. If you fall in love with a place that cannot fit your size party, are you willing to cut down on the guest list to get your dream venue?

4. How much is the deposit? It's always good to know how much money you will need to spend immediately to secure your date. This goes back to sticking to your budget. Find out when it is due and how you can make the payment. 

5. Is anyone else inquiring about your date? It's always helpful to know if any other couples are looking at the venue for your same date. Venues book up fast and this will give you a good idea about how much time you have to make a decision. You should ask if the venue is willing to update you if anyone becomes interested in your date so you can have first pick.

6. Does the venue have a prefered/required vendors list? Most venues will have a preferred vendors list and some will have a required list for certain vendors. Catering, if not already provided at the venue, is usually the one venues require you use from their list. The venues have spent years finding the best possible vendors to work in their space and with their requirements. In the end, they just want the vendors that will be the best for both of you. 

7. What is the venues cancellation policy? Things happen, weddings get cancelled or moved for all different reasons. Find out how much you will lose, how far in advance you can cancel or if the venue is willing to move your date if needed. 

8. What is the alcohol policy? Beer and wine only? Speciality cocktail? Open bar? Find out the restrictions, who provides the alcohol (the venue, the caterers or BYOB). Ask if you need to provide insurance or if the venue is covered. Also see if you need to hire bartenders or if they will be provided. 

9. What are your rules for decorations? Almost all venues have rules when it comes to how you can decorate their space. How can you hang things (tape, tacks, nails etc)? Can you use candles? Who is required to set up and tear down decor and tables? Finding this out ahead of time will help in knowing if the space is going to be right for the look your hoping for the day of your wedding. 

10. Who is on site the day of the wedding? Does the venue have their own coordinator? Is there an onsite supervisor that can answer questions the day of? Are you allowed to hire a coordinator? You need to know who will be in charge the day of your wedding and who can answer questions along the way.

11. General Questions? Is there ample parking on site? Can you shuttle people in? What is the bathroom situation? Is the venue handicap accessible? What is the rental length and how much time for set up and clean up? When does music have to be shut off? Are there backup plans in case of weather?