Tips for Tipping, Who, How Much, and When?

Confused on who to tip and how much to tip them at your wedding? No worries, below is some great advice on which vendors you should tip and how much!

First a few tips on tipping:

1. If you're using a wedding planner, they are responsible for delivering the tips and final payments to the vendors. Not using a planner? Ask the best man or one of the father's to distribute them. All tips and payments should be calculated and separated into different envelopes.

2. All tips should be given in cash.

3. No single person should get more then $150.00.  

4. Tips should be given just before a vendor leaves, this way you can determine how much to give depending on how well they performed their service for you. 

Who to tip & how much to tip them:

Limousine Drivers: 10-15% of the bill, unless it is over $150.00. For example, if your bill is $2,000 then 10-15% of that bill would be $200-$300 and is not necessary.

Valet Parking Attendants: $1.00 per car, prearranged with a supervisor depending on how many cars should be arriving. Place a sign out letting guests know the tip has been taken care of.

Wait Staff: Most contracts include the tip, but if not, 15% of the total catering bill is tipped. Wait staff do the hardest physical on your wedding day. 

Bartenders: 10% of the total liquor bill, presented to the head bartender or divided equally among the total number of bartenders who worked the full evening. Make sure a tip hasn't been added to your contract already. 

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: 15-25%, depending on the quality of service

Wedding Planners: Wedding planners likely won't expect anything; however, if yours did a great job you can always offer a token of your appreciation. Non-monetary thank-yous like professional photos of the wedding for their portfolio can go a long way too. The amount of tip is really up to you and how you felt they performed. 

DJ: $50-$100, if you have multiply DJ's split it in separate envelopes. 

Photographer & Videographer: If they own the company, the tip is optional. If they are an employee then $50.00. 

Officiant: Tipping them is unnecessary and bad etiquette. If you wish to make a financial contribution to their church, you can do that separately. 

Florist: You don't need to tip the florist for making your arrangements but you can tip them an extra $5.00 per delivery location (3 locations=$15.00) or $10-$20 per stage member in one lump sum, for set up and delivery.  

Hopefully this gives you a general idea on who, when and how much to tip your vendors at your wedding. It is really up to you and how you feel they performed their services when deciding how much to tip.