Love and the Fishes

When you choose an Aquarium for your wedding vows and reception, you are definitely choosing a rather unique setting and you're probably a very unique couple. So it was with Sylvan and Shushan who tied the knot on Oct. 9th.


Shushan honored her Chinese heritage and wore a handmade red dress. Not only was it hand made but it was made by the bride!  Her colors of red and gold were stunning and she choose colorful flowers that tied in Shushan's home country of France and it's national colors.  When you say the colors were red and blue and gold it sounds unusual but it was gorgeous and really set the tone in the Aquarium particularly for an Autumn day. 

The couple designed their own signature cocktail menu for the bar placement in front of the Sea Nettles-stunning! Even coffee placement in front of the Sardine tank was awesome!

A beautiful setting, lots of great music and dancing and the couple is off to a smashing start!