Last Minute To-Dos before You Say I Do!

1. You or your coordinator should confirm all the details of the day with the vendors. Make sure every vendor has a timeline of the day, what time they should arrive at the venue, who their contact person for the day is and the contact person's phone number. No one should be bothering you with questions or concerns the day of your wedding. Make sure there is a point person to handle the vendors at the wedding (another great reason a wedding coordinator comes in handy).

2. Organize all your tips for the vendors to be passed out at the wedding. Put them in envelopes with the vendors name on it and give them to someone (coordinator, parents, maid of honor/best man) at the rehearsal to pass out on the day of the wedding. Not sure how to tip each vendor? Check out our blog on tipping here,

3. Make sure all vendors know the clean up rules of the venue. You can be charged extra if clean up isn't done correctly so make sure the vendors (especially the caterers) have a clear idea of what is expected. Many venues have clean up guidelines they can give you to give to your vendors.

4. Have your final dress fitting. Make sure you are comfortable in the dress, can sit down, move around and dance without issue. You want to be able to enjoy your day and won't if your dress is too tight or too long. Have the bridesmaids do a final fitting as well. You want them comfortable also.

5. Get a mani/pedi a day or two before the wedding. Don't forget to buy your shade of nail polish for last minute touch ups. Also buy your lipstick and other makeup you may need for touch ups throughout the night.

6. Write down and practice your vows and speeches for the day. It's helpful to be able to look at the vows while your standing at the alter in case you get nervous or emotional. It helps to plan out what you want to say to your guests later so you don't forget to thank anyone.

7. Gather all your decorations and accessories. Put them in boxes with labels of where they belong (aisle, guestbook table, cake table etc). You can include a picture in the box of how your want things set up. Also plan who will bring them to the venue. Check and see when you are allowed to drop things off. Some venues will let you bring things in the day before at the rehearsal, some not till the morning of. Ask someone to pack up the decorations and take them home at the end of the night.

8. Assign someone to take gifts and guestbook home at the end of the night, especially the cards with money in them. Usually this is one of the parents, but can be anyone you trust to take care of them.

9. Do the centerpieces need to be returned or can they be given away to guests at the end of the night? Assign someone (another good job for your coordinator) to either collect them so they don't get taken because you will be charged for them if they need to be returned or to pass them out to guests when the event ends.

10. Bring the bridal party and parent's gifts to the rehearsal and pass them out then. This will give you a good chance to thank them individually and is useful if the gift is something they can use at the wedding (flasks, robes, jewelry etc).

11. Check the weather about a week out from the wedding. Is it going to be really hot or is there a chance of rain? How cold will it get at night? Plan accordingly by ordering heaters and umbrellas or by providing fans or scarves for the guests. You don't want anyone leaving your wedding remembering how freezing or hot they were all day.

12. Get a good nights rest, eat, stay hydrated and make sure you have the best night of your life!