Rochelle & Nick tie the knot!

Gorgeous bride, beautiful food, great party!  Can't ask for more than that in a wedding day, right?

This was an "all hands on deck" Persian wedding and every Auntie was involved in some way. The amazing flowers were arranged by the bride's mother. The Sofreh table, complete with fruit, nuts, spices, cookies, crystalized sugar, photos of grandparents, a mirror and so many more symbolic item were arranged by the aunts.  

Many Persian traditions were followed, the "sugaring" of the couple, gold coins on the dance floor for prosperity and some beautiful dancing by the bride and her father that began the party.

The catering was provided by the fabulous Feel Good Foods! Guests raved about the beautiful and delicious food all night!

The cigar and whiskey bar proved to be a massive hit with everyone and provided a great gathering area during the reception. 

One of the highlights was the Bride's amazing "convertible" dress. She could remove her beautiful, big skirt to reveal a stunning silk figure hugging dress beneath that made dancing so much easier. 

This was truly a wonderful day for all involved and you could feel the love and happiness pouring out of everyone as they celebrated this amazing couple!