Charlotte & James' world class wedding at Las Palmas

First of all, it takes a brave couple to be the first to hold an event at a new venue. They don't have pictures to go on and can only use their imagination and trust their vendors to make their vision a reality. Charlotte and James were that trusting couple and their wedding at Las Palmas did turn out "perfect"  in their words.

A fantastic view of Monterey Bay was the backdrop for the nuptials and the ambiance was enriched by The Rose Quartet. James' sister sang Ava Maria and gave everyone goose bumps, it was so beautiful. Guests came from India, England, and all over the United States for this day and it was a spectacular one.  I wish I could have recorded James' toast to Charlotte. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Family style dining was important to them and the menu by Feast for a King combined their cultures nicely. Charlotte's Indian heritage came through in the Vegetarian Samosas and Chicken Tikka skewers and the main dishes highlighted our bounty in Castroville Grilled Vegetables and an Artichoke Chicken that won everyone's hearts.

Dj Jeffty kept the party rolling as the sunset and the couple's choice of dessert came out-Donuts! Seems they have quite a history of donut eating as the groom shared in his pre-dessert toast.  These donuts were no ordinary donuts, however. Dunlap's Donuts in Santa Cruz provided Sm-ore donuts, bacon topped maples, Heath bar topped and every imaginable donut combination. 200 donuts kept the guests super happy and dancing the sugar away.