Unique Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Love!

Weddings can become a bit predictable at times, but there are some new and fun vendors and ideas popping up that can add a unique flair to any wedding! 

The Kraft Bar is a fun alternative to a traditional bar. It is a mobile bar and lounge set up in an airstream trailer. It gives you a number of drink packages from speciality cocktails to beer and wine supplied from local breweries and wineries around Santa Cruz. Your guests can hang out in the trailer while they wait for their drinks or order from the drink window outside. Check out their website for more information and to contact them about using this amazing service! http://kraftbarlounge.com

Photo booths are huge at weddings these days, but after a while they begin to all look and feel the same. Enter The Booth Bus! A totally original idea of putting a photo booth inside a VW Bus! Guests climb inside the bus, choose their photo props and then hit start on the photo screen. Beautiful on the inside and out with an extremely friendly and helpful staff. Your guests will be talking about it for years afterwards! Head over to their website for more information! http://www.theboothbus.com/#home

Wedding desserts are about so much more than wedding cakes these days. People are turning to new forms of desserts to satisfy their guest's sweet tooth and a popular choice now is donuts! Harvey's Donuts is a wonderful company that will come to your wedding and make your guests hot donuts made right to order. You can choose what flavors you would like your guests to pick from and they do the rest! Guests will line up to savor these sweet treats! http://harveysdonuts.com

Ice cream is another fun dessert option. You could set up a "make your own sundae" bar or have a company come out and serve fresh ice cream to your guests. You pick your favorite flavors to serve and your guests can choose their toppings! Both Marianne's Ice Cream and Polar Bear Ice Cream offer catering services in town. 

Homemade beer bars are an interactive option for your guests. Normally made out of wood, kegs fit underneath and then guests can help themselves throughout the night. These also help cut down on the line at the bar and add a personal touch to the day! Pinterest is full of ideas and how to instructions for these! 

There are a dozen other ways to make your wedding unique and different! The most important thing is to make it uniquely your own!