Delicious Beginning to a Happily Ever After!

April 29th was the 6th year dating anniversary for Gina Zararini and Danny Biocini and that was the day they chose to wed! After the rainiest Winter ever, the weather was amazing and the grounds have never looked better!

Saturday's wedding at Rancho Soquel was a real blending of the Italian and Croatian cultures and the food was the highlight! A family style meal was served by Feel Good Foods and the signature cocktail showcased their homemade Santa Rosa Plum jam (with Vodka, of course)

When Italian's marry you know the food will be super important, and when Danny and Gina cut the cake, it was no ordinary cake, but one made of wheels of delicious California cheese served alongside platter of antipasto. 

Don't worry, they didn't forget dessert! The guests ended the night was some delicious Italian cookies and cake pops!