Completely Creative!

From the start we knew that Keely and Mark were not going to be your average wedding couple. They both (yes,the groom also) had very distinct and clever ideas for their big day. From the music to the favors, it was altogether unique.

The couple rehearsed on Friday (giant wedding party, 9 on each side) and departed for dinner in the very cool Shadowbrook shuttle. Admittedly, a party group, they lived up to their name from start to finish (after party until 2 at Bocci's Cellar!). The Mother/Son dance rocked the crowd with Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

Never-before-heard-at-a-wedding music ruled the day...processional Loafin by the Deadbeats, bride walked sown to Halcyon Days by Mokhov. Recessional was The Force by Lettuce- do you start to see the a trend here?  The arch was another completely unusual design that the bride chose but was executed by her florist The Cracked Pot. Macrame! Haven't seen that in years and it turned out beautiful.  The flowers were a stunning mix of Peonies, all shades of orange sherbet roses and pops of purple and white!  

Of course, the table settings were stunning and on each napkin was a freshly slice piece of Brazillian Blue Agate.  It aids in centering and stabilizing physical energy. Brazilian Agate harmonizes yin and yang. It is a soothing and calming stone which works slowly but brings great strength. They chose it as a gift to their guests to take as a continued symbol of their union. Nice.