First Wedding at The Orchard

When we first toured Lauren and Andrew and their parents at a new site called The Orchard in Corralitos, it was all dirt with freshly planted grass seed , an apple washer installed inside the barn took up half the barn and the roof had just been replaced. It was November of last year and there were no apples or leaves on the Orchard apple trees. It took someone with real vision to say “I love it” and book their June wedding there. Well, Lauren is just that kind of girl and yesterday was gorgeous at the first wedding to be held at The Orchard. Transformation pictures below…

The ceremony site was adorned with doors lovingly made by Lauren’s Dad and decorated by Susie’s flowers- positioned between two heritage apple trees.

Cocktail hour visiting and Dining took place on the lawn outside the barn-a gloriously sunny day!

And what happend to the Apple Washer, you might ask? It’s a lawn ornament these days.