Last Wedding of the Season!

Indian Summer arrived just in time for Julie and Anders wedding on October 14th. 

Feel Good Foods once again prepared an amazingly delicious menu with a Fall theme. The Butternut Squash Raviolis were as gorgeous as they were delicious. The last of the red ripe tomatoes were chopped finely and placed on bite sized crostini for appetizer hour. 

For the little ones, Julie's mom prepared a lawn area to get cozy in with each child getting their own little "roll up"

Seating assignments were on a gorgeous Scroll hung in the grape arbor. We couldn't have asked for a better couple to finish out our season! 

A Casual Bo-Ho Chic Wedding

When Zephyr and Ben decided to marry, they didn't want your traditional style of wedding but rather something that felt like a long cocktail party that just happened to have a wedding ceremony somewhere in it.

To go about creating this feel,  Green Hills Cafe provided food for the "cocktail hour" and Gordo Gustavo's food truck wasopen for the remainder of the event.

The setting was perfect for this wedding. Rancho don Bosco's beautiful lawn area was set for the ceremony and also the cocktail time and the inside of the barn set up for dancing. Their band, the Naked Bootleggers played non stop from 6:00 on. The first two hours of music were provide by Jacob Martin and Bobcat, really nice guitar and stand up bass.

Zephyr's son Dante was the ringbearer and also had a little posse of his own guests enjoying his mother's wedding day.

Gordo's kept pumping out plates of ribs, brisket and tacos all night and the Discretion Brewery provided the beer to wash them down. Delicious evening and just the informal feel that they were going after.

Fall Wedding at Rancho!

Fall was in the air for Lindsay and Stephen's October 7th wedding at Rancho Soquel! 

The venue was adorned by amazing floral decorations of reds and greens. The welcome table consisted of photos of the newlywed's parents on their wedding day and the guest book, which was quilt squares for the guests to sign to be turned into the beautiful quilt later on. Their were also some funny and cute signs placed around the venue as well!

The bride looked stunning in a long sleeved, lace gown and she and her groom were glowing all  night! The flower girls were adorable in their pretty pink dresses!

We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of love and laughter!

Beer Bar, Donuts and Candy Favors = Fun for All!

Robin & Kevin's October 1st wedding at Rancho Soquel had something for everyone! No detail was too small or overlooked, but, most importantly, this sweet couple had an amazing night surrounded by all the people they love most!

The coral and gold color theme could be found throughout the wedding, from the multi toned bridesmaids dresses to the ombre seating assignment cards to the gold lettered signage found around the venue. Even the couple's champagne flutes were decked in gold!

The decor throughout the venue was a wonderful combination of beautiful, rustic and fun. Polka dots and gold straws, an antique wooden door adorned with flowers, different sized lanterns, an antique window with bridal party information written on it, a "family tree" guest book for everyone to sign and so much more!

The guest could help themselves to the homemade Beer Bar, grab some candy from the Candy Bar or even munch on hot donuts between dances provided by Harvey's Donuts! Once they had filled up on sweets and drinks, the guests could head over to the amazing Booth Bus and take some fun photos to remember the night!

Of course nothing was a beautiful as the bride herself! Robin looked absolutely stunning in her gown and she and her hubby glowed with happiness throughout the entire day! 

Love and the Fishes

When you choose an Aquarium for your wedding vows and reception, you are definitely choosing a rather unique setting and you're probably a very unique couple. So it was with Sylvan and Shushan who tied the knot on Oct. 9th.


Shushan honored her Chinese heritage and wore a handmade red dress. Not only was it hand made but it was made by the bride!  Her colors of red and gold were stunning and she choose colorful flowers that tied in Shushan's home country of France and it's national colors.  When you say the colors were red and blue and gold it sounds unusual but it was gorgeous and really set the tone in the Aquarium particularly for an Autumn day. 

The couple designed their own signature cocktail menu for the bar placement in front of the Sea Nettles-stunning! Even coffee placement in front of the Sardine tank was awesome!

A beautiful setting, lots of great music and dancing and the couple is off to a smashing start!