Eight Great Tricks to Make Wedding Planning Easier!

1.     Number your RSVP cards. Each number corresponds to a certain guest or family. This way if it comes back filled out wrong or illegible you will still know who is coming. 

2.  Make a new email account specially for wedding planning. This way no email gets lost or forgotten about and they are all in one place easy to pull up.

3.  Using thank you postcards can help cut down on the amount of envelopes used. It’s also a cute way to showcase one or more of your favorite wedding photos.

4.  Write your thank you notes as gifts arrive. Most people send their wedding gifts early through the mail these days. A great way to cut down on the amount of thank you notes you have to write after the wedding is to write them as the gifts arrive and send them after the big day. 

5.  Attend a bridal show/fair. These offer great access to vendors and usually include lots of free giveaways.

6.   Tiny weights inside the hem of the bridesmaid’s dresses or veil weights will help them from flying up on a windy day. 

7.  If your wedding day is going to be a hot one, make your programs double as fans to keep your guests cool and informed. 

8. Make sure your coordinator (or whoever is handling things day of) has ALL the vendor's information. Phone number, email, name etc. This way if someone is late or some problem arises they don’t have to bother you or your family for their information. Most coordinators also like to be able to reach out to vendors prior to the wedding.