2018 Wedding Trends!

Here's 10 wedding trends to look out for in 2018!

1. Silver and chrome will be the hot trend in 2018. Gold and rose gold are taking a back seat to more silver and chrome color pallets. Navy will also be a popular color choice in 2018, from the groom's suit to table linens and beyond. 

2. Last year was all about rustic details. This year is all about whimsical decor and attire. 2018 weddings will have more elegance and formality with hints of whimsy thrown in. 

3. Couple's are looking for more ways to keep guests entertained and engaged in 2018. Fun games like beer pong, ISpy and corn hole give the guests something do during the night. Creative photo and video booths are not just fun for the guests but a great keepsake for the couple. 

4. The overall enjoyment for the guests will be more important then ever to couple's in 2018. Fun linens, mix and match tables, unique dishware and hanging florals will all help to enhance the guest's experience. 

5. Unique food and food stations will play a big role in 2018 weddings. There are a lot of fun options that are creative and original. Raw bars, popcorn stations, farm-to-table catering, or even including a special family recipe in your menu. Guests will remember not just the yummy food but the amazing presentation and thought behind it. 

6. Deeper, richer colors and accents are making a splash this wedding season. No more pastels, but moody reds, dark blues and even black are taking over. 

7. Wedding cake is becoming more and more out of style. This year more imaginative desserts will be all the rage. Donuts, ice cream bars, s'mores stations and even pie. Couple's are also going to play around with more unconventional flavors like green tea and hibiscus. 

8. Big, cascading bouquets are making a comeback in 2018. These are not the outdated flowers from the 1980s, but rich, gorgeous masterpieces that look amazing both in person and in photos. They also pair nicely with the more boho/whimsical vibe weddings are adopting this season. 

9. Bridesmaids' dresses are taking on new life this year. Jewel toned and velvet dresses, lots of sparkle and even bridesmaids jumpsuits. Brides are letting their girls embrace their individuality by letting them choose the color and cut. No longer do bridesmaids attire need to match style and color. 

10. Greenery draping is replacing fabric this wedding season. Across farm tables, around arches and adorning general decor, greenery will add new dimensions to 2018 weddings. 

Unique Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Love!

Weddings can become a bit predictable at times, but there are some new and fun vendors and ideas popping up that can add a unique flair to any wedding! 

The Kraft Bar is a fun alternative to a traditional bar. It is a mobile bar and lounge set up in an airstream trailer. It gives you a number of drink packages from speciality cocktails to beer and wine supplied from local breweries and wineries around Santa Cruz. Your guests can hang out in the trailer while they wait for their drinks or order from the drink window outside. Check out their website for more information and to contact them about using this amazing service! http://kraftbarlounge.com

Photo booths are huge at weddings these days, but after a while they begin to all look and feel the same. Enter The Booth Bus! A totally original idea of putting a photo booth inside a VW Bus! Guests climb inside the bus, choose their photo props and then hit start on the photo screen. Beautiful on the inside and out with an extremely friendly and helpful staff. Your guests will be talking about it for years afterwards! Head over to their website for more information! http://www.theboothbus.com/#home

Wedding desserts are about so much more than wedding cakes these days. People are turning to new forms of desserts to satisfy their guest's sweet tooth and a popular choice now is donuts! Harvey's Donuts is a wonderful company that will come to your wedding and make your guests hot donuts made right to order. You can choose what flavors you would like your guests to pick from and they do the rest! Guests will line up to savor these sweet treats! http://harveysdonuts.com

Ice cream is another fun dessert option. You could set up a "make your own sundae" bar or have a company come out and serve fresh ice cream to your guests. You pick your favorite flavors to serve and your guests can choose their toppings! Both Marianne's Ice Cream and Polar Bear Ice Cream offer catering services in town. 

Homemade beer bars are an interactive option for your guests. Normally made out of wood, kegs fit underneath and then guests can help themselves throughout the night. These also help cut down on the line at the bar and add a personal touch to the day! Pinterest is full of ideas and how to instructions for these! 

There are a dozen other ways to make your wedding unique and different! The most important thing is to make it uniquely your own! 

Rochelle & Nick tie the knot!

Gorgeous bride, beautiful food, great party!  Can't ask for more than that in a wedding day, right?

This was an "all hands on deck" Persian wedding and every Auntie was involved in some way. The amazing flowers were arranged by the bride's mother. The Sofreh table, complete with fruit, nuts, spices, cookies, crystalized sugar, photos of grandparents, a mirror and so many more symbolic item were arranged by the aunts.  

Many Persian traditions were followed, the "sugaring" of the couple, gold coins on the dance floor for prosperity and some beautiful dancing by the bride and her father that began the party.

The catering was provided by the fabulous Feel Good Foods! Guests raved about the beautiful and delicious food all night!

The cigar and whiskey bar proved to be a massive hit with everyone and provided a great gathering area during the reception. 

One of the highlights was the Bride's amazing "convertible" dress. She could remove her beautiful, big skirt to reveal a stunning silk figure hugging dress beneath that made dancing so much easier. 

This was truly a wonderful day for all involved and you could feel the love and happiness pouring out of everyone as they celebrated this amazing couple!


Fun Dessert Alternatives to Wedding Cake!

A big trend at weddings the last few years is replacing wedding cakes with dessert bars. Wedding cakes are expensive and don't always taste great. Plus, most people won't stop to grab a slice to eat so you face the possibility of having tons of cake leftover. Here are some fun and easy alternatives to plain old wedding cake!

1. Mini Desserts: People love being able to just grab their desserts and head back to the dance floor. Mini (or bite size) goodies gives them this chance. This will also give you the option of having different varieties of desserts instead of just one thing. Some options include mini cupcakes, mini pies, mini cheesecakes and baby tarts.

2. Ice Cream: Ice cream is the best way to cool your guests down at a warm summer wedding. You can have your favorite ice cream shop cater or build your own ice cream bar. Pick out a a few of your favorite flavors, grab some fun toppings and let the guests build their perfect sundae! 

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries/Rice Krispies/Macaroons: Some other fun and cute alternatives for your guests to munch on. The strawberries can be dressed up a bride and groom. Macaroons come in all sorts of fun colors that you can match to your color scheme! Still want a cake? You can turn all of these desserts into a fun and original cake! 

4. Smores: Who doesn't love roasting smores? Ask your caterer to help you set up a couple sternos and put together a smores bar with chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. Your guests will have a blast custom making their own treats!

5. Traditional: A great way to celebrate you or your significant other's heritage is by serving a traditional dessert from their native land. Italian cannolis, Greek desserts like baklava, honey pie and loukoumades and croquembouche (a popular French dessert) are all unique options. Look up what each country would traditionally serve at a wedding or special occasion and then talk to your local bakery (or better yet, find a traditional bakery near you). Your guests will love trying something new all while celebrating your heritage.  

6. Whoopie Pies/Ice Cream Sandwiches: Great grab and go desserts. They can be pre-made or the guests can choose their favorite cookies and pick the ice cream/cream filling and make their own!

7. Cake Pops/Pie Pops: Still want cake at the wedding but want something fun and different? Cake pops (or pie pops) are the perfect compromise. You can still have all your favorite flavors and give them cute designs, while your guests can enjoy a one bite dessert!

8. Bundt Cakes: Bundt cakes are the new, fun alternative to a traditional cake. They come in all shapes and sizes, including bite sized bundtinis. People go wild over these delicious desserts! Make sure to save some for yourself, because these will all be gone by the end of the night!

9. Pie: Cherry, strawberry, blueberry, lemon meringue, the possibilities are endless with pie! This dessert works great at a rustic location like a barn. They make mini pies also for easy eating. Make sure to calculate how many pies you will need with the amount of people coming (how many slices per pie) so you don't run into to many leftovers.  

10. Donuts/Cronuts: The newest dessert trend happening at weddings and people are loving it! Make donut towers, donut cakes, pick your favorite flavors and toppings. There are tons of fun options for your guests to enjoy!

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding!

Here's some advice on how to cut costs for your wedding!

1. Cut the guest list: You could be spending up to $100 a person including food, decor, favors etc. so make sure everyone you invite is special to you or your significant other somehow. Each set of parents will have a list of people they will want to invite, but how well do you really know their college roommate or church friends? 

2. Off-season: "Wedding season" is normally from May-October, so how about planning your wedding for November-April? Wedding venues/vendors may have off season prices and more availability.  

3. Skip Saturday, avoid holidays: Many venues (though not all) have cheaper prices for a Friday or Sunday wedding. If this is an option for you, be sure to ask the venue when you visit if they have flexible pricing. Also, be careful of holidays, many venues will charge more for a holiday weekend.

4. Shop off-season decor: Need black or pink decor? Check after Halloween or Valentine's day. Buying your own lights to string? Catch the after Christmas sales. Think about your color scheme or the type of decorations you want and see what sales will work for you.

5. Mix in greenery: Flowers are expensive, but adding some touches of greenery in place of flowers can look just as beautiful and save you tons. Use it for centerpieces, arch decorations or mixed in to your bridal bouquet. Ask your florist for suggestions!

6. Stick to one or two flowers: Another way to save money on flowers is to pick your one or two favorite kinds (roses, hydrangeas, lily's etc) and stick with those. Florist can save money if they can buy in bulk which can also save you money. Ask your florist what is in season around your date and go from there. Also, reuse your ceremony decorations, either on the cake table or bar or cocktail area. It will save you money from having to decorate two different places. 

7. Use non-floral decor: Cut out flowers all together by using non-floral centerpieces and decorations. There are a ton of fun ideas for centerpieces that can show off your personalities or highlight the season your getting married in that have nothing to do with flowers.

8. Cut down on the booze: Serve only beer and wine instead of a full bar. You can serve a signature cocktail also if you choose and have champagne to toast, though many people are skipping this and just having guests toast with whatever they are drinking at the time. This is a good way to not only save on alcohol costs but cut down on the "sloppy drunk" that tends to occur with a full bar.   

9. No wedding cake: Wedding cakes are becoming a thing of the past. You will always have a ton leftover cake you won't know what to do with. Try a fun dessert bar instead like donuts, make your own sundae station or a candy bar. Something fun and easy for the guests to eat while their on the dance floor or mingling during the reception. Don't want a ton of leftovers? Provide to-go boxes for your guests to take some treats home!

10. Favors: Instead of having one per person, make it per couple. Make it something they can use at the wedding, like a food item or drink or something they can make or grow at home. People have enough wine glasses and candles, be creative and have fun with the favors. Another great way to save on favors? Don't have them, people won't miss them.