Music is a key component to your wedding. The musical needs at a wedding vary but most venues will need some pre-ceremony music, some processional and recessional music as well as a microphone to hear the vows. On to the cocktail hour, you will need some lively music that encourages conversation but doesn't drown it out. As you go on to the dining, a bridal announcement of the couple will be needed and that's where an MC comes in. A DJ or front person for the band usually fills the bill on this. Dinner music is again, quiet, not too commanding. After dinner will come toasts and we will need a microphone for this, as well.

When we move on to the party part, this is where a live band will shine. They add energy to the event and honestly, how often do you get a chance to book your own live band?  If you can't get what you want in a live band, a DJ can do the job quite nicely since they are playing tunes and the style of music that you specifically have chosen (or they should be).

We can help you find live musicians or DJ's that will be perfect for your event....some samples of music often used for weddings is below but once again, it is YOUR wedding and they should be playing the music you choose.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Swing
  • Great Variety of DJ’s
  • Baroque Quartets
  • Disco or Funk
  • Harpists
  • Jazz
  • Mariachis
  • Orchestras

Selecting a band or DJ is likely to be one of the most challenging tasks you encounter along the way. This is an area where everyone has an opinion. Here are a few music samples to play:

More selections are available in our office or by contacting us.


Nothing is more important in setting the tone of your wedding than the printed invitations that  you will mail to family and friends.

From “Save the Date” to the “Thank you” notes, The Wedding Connection offers  a personal invitation service aimed at ensuring your order is printed correctly and received on time.

We offer convenient online ordering services. You can find everything from casual informal invitations to engraving and letterpress.

Our staff is happy to help you with etiquette or questions on form and wording. We look forward to working with you on your personal wedding stationery.

Carlson Craft Invitations

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Wedding Paper Divas

We are pleased to be an affiliate with Wedding Paper Divas, an on-line invitation ordering website.  They offer high quality products at fantastic prices, and their website is particularly easy to use.  When you use our affiliate link, you may order a sample in order to see the paper quality before your final order.  They will forward it to us to proof prior to printing.

We feel certain that you’ll be pleased.  As always, we’re available for questions before you complete the order.


The varieties of flowers have changed as more unusual types of flowers are available all year round. The season doesn’t influence floral selection nearly as much as it once did.

Choosing your flowers is a matter of defining your style and in the beginning you may not know exactly what that style is or even the names of the different flowers that you like. Looking through magazines can help as well as browsing through floral designers portfolios.

Florists all have certain styles and you’d want to make sure that style is in line with your taste and budget. We represent some amazingly talented florists who can do just about anything you can dream up. Examples of their work is on display at The Wedding Connection and you’re welcomed to come by and take a look at their work. We can help you set up an appointment for an free estimate.


The food is one of the most important and most expensive components to your celebration. If your reception site requires that you hire a caterer, searching for the ideal vendor with whom to work with is a big decision. They will handle the key details of your event, such as the rentals and the set-up defining their responsibilities is critical to a successful event.

You might begin the process by visualizing your reception; the time of day, the theme, the setting. Will it be a buffet, family -style or sit-down. How about food stations or passed hors d’oeuvres? What types of food and beverages will be served? Will there be an ethnic theme, something seasonal? Do you have a favorite food or drink, or is there something traditional in your family?

For a wedding, a full service caterer is preferred so that the rental set-up and tear-down is taken care of. They will also go over your rental choices and in some cases handle these for you. It's important to get a couple of bids and of course, we’ll go over the catering proposals for comparison and to make sure it’s clear what you’re getting and for what price.

Once all the details are finalized and your wedding day finally comes, you want to trust the professionals that you’ve hired so you can remain worry-free to fully enjoy the day.

THE WEDDING CONNECTION is proud to represent a variety of fantastic full service caterers.


Thank you for your interest in the Wedding Connection.  With 28 years of planning and coordinating experience, we have organized events and have worked all over the Bay area, Santa Cruz County, Monterey Bay and Carmel Valley and even Hawaii and Southern California.

We offer varying levels of service so whether you are in the beginning stages or at the end; we can be of help to you.  Initially, you may need our help in finding a site that fits within your budget and meets your esthetic criteria. After your location is secured and your date is set, we step into the next phase of the planning.

Our fees are based on the services you require and the amount of time it will take to perform them.  Our rates range from $2300 – $,5000, depending on the site you choose and the individual services you require. $3500 is the average rate to coordinate the ceremony and reception, but it does depend on if it’s in one location or two, how many guests, how many in the wedding party, who will be the coordinator and if we will need to bring an assistant. For private estates, pre-negotiated discount fees apply.

Ceremony and reception coordination always includes reviewing contracts, confirming all vendors, creating a timeline and distributing it to vendors, planning and running the rehearsal, maintaining a spread sheet of expenses and paying vendors the day of the event. Site inspections and meetings are included in the pricing as well as negotiating their contracts. Day of coordination typically is $2600. It’s based on the 40 hours of work that it takes to do your event and includes all office and phone time, reviewing contracts of vendors already selected, referring vendors if needed, a walk-thru for schematics, attending the “wrap-up” meeting where your menu is created and the timeline framework is laid out, running the rehearsal and overseeing the entire event from start to finish, creating a timeline and distributing it to all vendors, planning and running the rehearsal and our presence from start to finish of your event

You may wish to begin with an initial consultation in our office which includes creating a financial budget, overview planning and preliminary site search for a location.  This is initial consultation is $65.00. We will make vender referrals based on your individual budget and needs.  We work with a wide variety of talented and reliable of people in the industry many of which are bonded through us.  Below are the various categories of vendors and services that we can help you with:

  • Florists Lighting
  • Caterers Rentals
  • Photographers Tenting
  • Musicians DJ’s
  • Invitations Cake
  • Hair & Make-up people Limousine & Shuttle service
  •   Valet Parking Videographers
  • Rehearsal dinner locations Lodging recommendations
  • Childcare services Day-of event Insurance

The following are some of the things we commonly do for clients, however, you can count on us to do whatever needs to be done to assure you a wonderful and memorable day.

  • Assist with creating a realistic financial budget
  • Vendor referral and appointment scheduling
  • Vendor contract review
  • Walk-thru with caterer, advise on menu development
  • Create Floor plan
  • Create and distribute timeline for day to vendors
  • Etiquette advisement
  • Assist in lodging
  • Assist in creating assigned seating plans
  • Assist in ordering invitations including proper wording and etiquette
  • Confirm and coordinate all vendors prior to your wedding day
  • Attend and manage rehearsal
  • Instruction of duties to wedding party and ushers
  • Supervision of ceremony site and reception set-up
  • Organize processional line-up for ceremony
  • Coordinate ceremony regarding music, photographer, & Video
  • Oversee and coordinate reception
  • Act as vendor liaison for the wedding day to ensure all duties
  • are being performed properly as discussed
  • Communicate with all vendors throughout the day to ensure the timing stays on track
  • Confirm and communicate transportation needs for the day
  • Act as troubleshooter for any unforeseen problems that might arise
  • Collection of personal items/gifts
  • Overseeing vendor cleanup
  • Make sure bride and groom eat, enjoy themselves and have a worry-free day!!

Since our clients tend to be very busy, we often handle much of our work by phone, Skype and e-mail.  We will keep track of deposits, money owed to vendors, contracts, and any correspondence necessary for the planning of your wedding day.

Thank you for considering The Wedding Connection to be a part of your special day.  Please feel free to schedule an appointment to see how easy it can be to plan the most important day of your lives.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.