Music is a key component to your wedding. The musical needs at a wedding vary but most venues will need some pre-ceremony music, some processional and recessional music as well as a microphone to hear the vows. On to the cocktail hour, you will need some lively music that encourages conversation but doesn't drown it out. As you go on to the dining, a bridal announcement of the couple will be needed and that's where an MC comes in. A DJ or front person for the band usually fills the bill on this. Dinner music is again, quiet, not too commanding. After dinner will come toasts and we will need a microphone for this, as well.

When we move on to the party part, this is where a live band will shine. They add energy to the event and honestly, how often do you get a chance to book your own live band?  If you can't get what you want in a live band, a DJ can do the job quite nicely since they are playing tunes and the style of music that you specifically have chosen (or they should be).

We can help you find live musicians or DJ's that will be perfect for your event....some samples of music often used for weddings is below but once again, it is YOUR wedding and they should be playing the music you choose.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Swing
  • Great Variety of DJ’s
  • Baroque Quartets
  • Disco or Funk
  • Harpists
  • Jazz
  • Mariachis
  • Orchestras

Selecting a band or DJ is likely to be one of the most challenging tasks you encounter along the way. This is an area where everyone has an opinion. Here are a few music samples to play:

More selections are available in our office or by contacting us.