7 Bridesmaids Gifts that Give Back to Women around the World!

One of the many decisions bride's have to make is what gift to get their bridesmaids for helping make their wedding day (and the days leading up to it) so special. What better way to say thank you to the amazing women in your life, but by helping support other women all over the world! These 7 companies selling beautiful products to help create some good across the planet.

1) The Little Market – Lauren Conrad’s non-profit was founded by women to encourage women around the world. The website has everything from bags and accessories to kitchen and spa items. The products are fair trade and made by female artisans across the globe. https://www.thelittlemarket.com/

2) Prosperity Candle – Three friends got to together to start this business to support refugees and artisans around the world find their way out of poverty. Female artisans working to build themselves a better life hand pour each candle and no dyes or enhancers are ever used. https://www.prosperitycandle.com/

3) The Giving Keys – Is a pay it forward company that supports people transitioning out of homelessness. Selling their products helps provide jobs, hoping to help break the cycle of poverty. They have everything from necklaces to earrings. https://www.thegivingkeys.com/

4) OneHope – A wine company created by 8 friends who have donated more then $3 million to date to help provide people with health care, shelter animals, provide meals for children and more. They have fun gifts including a Froze’ gift box, a gift box with assorted sauces and a number of delicious wines to choose from. https://www.onehopewine.com/

5) The Starfish Project – This company helps women escaping human trafficking in Asia. They provide holistic care programs and teach women to become managers, graphic designers and photographers through the jewelry creation. Their jewelry includes earrings, rings, necklaces and beyond.   https://starfishproject.com/

6) Global Girlfriend – Helps women worldwide gain economic security with fair trade, women made products. They provide fair living wages, safe and healthy working environments and technical assistance. There are a number of fun things to choose from including jewelry, bags and bath products. https://www.globalgirlfriend.com/

7) Marie Mae – The Marie Mae business school teaches women around the world practical business training taught by female entrepreneurs. Each item purchased equals one hour of training at the school.  They sell notebooks, leather good and stationary items. http://www.mariemae.com/

2018 Wedding Trends!

Here's 10 wedding trends to look out for in 2018!

1. Silver and chrome will be the hot trend in 2018. Gold and rose gold are taking a back seat to more silver and chrome color pallets. Navy will also be a popular color choice in 2018, from the groom's suit to table linens and beyond. 

2. Last year was all about rustic details. This year is all about whimsical decor and attire. 2018 weddings will have more elegance and formality with hints of whimsy thrown in. 

3. Couple's are looking for more ways to keep guests entertained and engaged in 2018. Fun games like beer pong, ISpy and corn hole give the guests something do during the night. Creative photo and video booths are not just fun for the guests but a great keepsake for the couple. 

4. The overall enjoyment for the guests will be more important then ever to couple's in 2018. Fun linens, mix and match tables, unique dishware and hanging florals will all help to enhance the guest's experience. 

5. Unique food and food stations will play a big role in 2018 weddings. There are a lot of fun options that are creative and original. Raw bars, popcorn stations, farm-to-table catering, or even including a special family recipe in your menu. Guests will remember not just the yummy food but the amazing presentation and thought behind it. 

6. Deeper, richer colors and accents are making a splash this wedding season. No more pastels, but moody reds, dark blues and even black are taking over. 

7. Wedding cake is becoming more and more out of style. This year more imaginative desserts will be all the rage. Donuts, ice cream bars, s'mores stations and even pie. Couple's are also going to play around with more unconventional flavors like green tea and hibiscus. 

8. Big, cascading bouquets are making a comeback in 2018. These are not the outdated flowers from the 1980s, but rich, gorgeous masterpieces that look amazing both in person and in photos. They also pair nicely with the more boho/whimsical vibe weddings are adopting this season. 

9. Bridesmaids' dresses are taking on new life this year. Jewel toned and velvet dresses, lots of sparkle and even bridesmaids jumpsuits. Brides are letting their girls embrace their individuality by letting them choose the color and cut. No longer do bridesmaids attire need to match style and color. 

10. Greenery draping is replacing fabric this wedding season. Across farm tables, around arches and adorning general decor, greenery will add new dimensions to 2018 weddings. 

Last Wedding of the Season!

Indian Summer arrived just in time for Julie and Anders wedding on October 14th. 

Feel Good Foods once again prepared an amazingly delicious menu with a Fall theme. The Butternut Squash Raviolis were as gorgeous as they were delicious. The last of the red ripe tomatoes were chopped finely and placed on bite sized crostini for appetizer hour. 

For the little ones, Julie's mom prepared a lawn area to get cozy in with each child getting their own little "roll up"

Seating assignments were on a gorgeous Scroll hung in the grape arbor. We couldn't have asked for a better couple to finish out our season! 

Small Ceremony in the Forest

Not everyone has a huge wedding. Some folks like it quiet and intimate and for those, the Cottage in the Redwoods is ideal. Nestled in a forest of native trees and Redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it's  a beautiful setting to exchange those vows

A Casual Bo-Ho Chic Wedding

When Zephyr and Ben decided to marry, they didn't want your traditional style of wedding but rather something that felt like a long cocktail party that just happened to have a wedding ceremony somewhere in it.

To go about creating this feel,  Green Hills Cafe provided food for the "cocktail hour" and Gordo Gustavo's food truck wasopen for the remainder of the event.

The setting was perfect for this wedding. Rancho don Bosco's beautiful lawn area was set for the ceremony and also the cocktail time and the inside of the barn set up for dancing. Their band, the Naked Bootleggers played non stop from 6:00 on. The first two hours of music were provide by Jacob Martin and Bobcat, really nice guitar and stand up bass.

Zephyr's son Dante was the ringbearer and also had a little posse of his own guests enjoying his mother's wedding day.

Gordo's kept pumping out plates of ribs, brisket and tacos all night and the Discretion Brewery provided the beer to wash them down. Delicious evening and just the informal feel that they were going after.