A Family Affair!

Bryanna & Jesse's September 17th wedding at Rancho Soquel marked a beautiful new beginning for an already beautiful family! The day made their little family, which includes their adorable son Toren, official. 

The day was filled with personal touches. The couple had custom "concert" tickets made for each guest to correspond with the bands they used as table names. They also put a bottle of their favorite hot sauce, Pepper Plant, on each table. The custom made beer bar proved to be a huge hit! 

Ring bearer Toren stole the show in his homemade wagon car, hard to do with the almost 25 person bridal party! It was clear there was a lot of love surrounding these two!

Congrats to this happy family!

Love, Fun and a Balloon Send Off!

We had another beautiful wedding at Rancho Soquel last weekend. Chantel & Tim threw a wonderful and fun wedding for family and friends! 

Corn hole continues to be a big hit at weddings this year and the giant tic-tac toe was a huge hit with the younger guests!

Big bridal parties are also on trend this year and Chantel & Tim were no exception. Their combination of rustic farm tables and beautiful linens on the large head table maybe a stunning sight. The bridesmaid glowed in their gowns and the groomsmen were very handsome in their suspenders! The beautiful flower girl stole the show though, she had everyone's attention all day! 

Some special touches from the night included antique hankies the guest could dry their tears on, personalized water bottles for the guests to rehydrate with and photos of the couple throughout their relationship. 

The LED ballon send off was a first...it was fun to watch them disappear into the night and better to know that they were biodegradable balloons. The guests were also given take away baggies of cookies to take home and snack on, a sweet ending to an incredibly sweet day! 

When Attorney's Get Hitched!

What a gorgeous day it was on Labor Day weekend when Clare and Cody entered into the legal binding contract of marriage.   First time we've seen a bride wear her converse all the way through the wedding and she was one comfortable relaxed girl!  Reading during the wedding was from the legal definition of marriage.....that's another first!

The men wore their election day socks tucked underneath their traditional navy blue suits. 

Best color combo we've seen this year...the olive and navy looks fantastic together and the combo of the farm tables and rounds was great.

Family style service from FFAK was fresh and delicious and we finished up with a cupcake display that was devoured almost immediately

Hit of the day, however, were the signs that Clare's Elle (a teacher, of course) made.  They were all works of art!  And she's open to doing it for another wedding!

Charlotte & James' world class wedding at Las Palmas

First of all, it takes a brave couple to be the first to hold an event at a new venue. They don't have pictures to go on and can only use their imagination and trust their vendors to make their vision a reality. Charlotte and James were that trusting couple and their wedding at Las Palmas did turn out "perfect"  in their words.

A fantastic view of Monterey Bay was the backdrop for the nuptials and the ambiance was enriched by The Rose Quartet. James' sister sang Ava Maria and gave everyone goose bumps, it was so beautiful. Guests came from India, England, and all over the United States for this day and it was a spectacular one.  I wish I could have recorded James' toast to Charlotte. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Family style dining was important to them and the menu by Feast for a King combined their cultures nicely. Charlotte's Indian heritage came through in the Vegetarian Samosas and Chicken Tikka skewers and the main dishes highlighted our bounty in Castroville Grilled Vegetables and an Artichoke Chicken that won everyone's hearts.

Dj Jeffty kept the party rolling as the sunset and the couple's choice of dessert came out-Donuts! Seems they have quite a history of donut eating as the groom shared in his pre-dessert toast.  These donuts were no ordinary donuts, however. Dunlap's Donuts in Santa Cruz provided Sm-ore donuts, bacon topped maples, Heath bar topped and every imaginable donut combination. 200 donuts kept the guests super happy and dancing the sugar away.

Ranch Elegance

When you take a setting like Rancho Soquel and bring in lots of elegant details, it really puts a bit of formality to an otherwise rustic setting. Michelle and Joshua's wedding had tons of classy details for their vintage/romantic theme.

Greeting their guests were the Rose Quartet who created a beautiful ambiance throughout the pre-ceremony and on through the cocktail hour. Speaking of the cocktail hour, Feast for A King catering outdid themselves with the appetizers...grilled Cajun prawns, mini meatballs in a sherry sauce boat, Gorgonzola filo cups and the hit of the party, mini grilled cheese sandwiches served over tiny cups of tomato basil soup!  And all of that prior to the beautiful buffet!

Signature cocktail Old Fashioneds and Blushing brides were a hit as well as the lawn games. This was a fun loving group!