A Wedding by the Bay!

Erin and Michael’s September 20th wedding at the Monterey Bay Aquarium was filled with originality; from the venue itself, to the bride’s attire, to the touches of technology, the couple’s personality could be seen everywhere. 

The wedding was held in the aquarium’s Open Sea space, which provided a magical backdrop for the ceremony and a fun space for guests to explore pre-ceremony and during the reception. The cake was a traditional French wedding cake called a croquembouche. The guests loved the look of it and especially the taste!

Rainbow lights were everywhere during the event. There were LED lights on every table that changed color when you tapped them. Multi-colored ice cubes in all the drinks. Most amazing, the groom designed custom shoes for his bride that lit up. He designed an app that the guests could download and use to change the color of her shoes throughout the night. 

What a fun event that we hope everyone, especially the newlyweds, remember fondly for years to come!

A Sweet Wedding for a Sweet Couple!

Rancho Soquel provided the perfect backdrop for Aly and Christopher’s September 19th wedding. This beautiful couple provided lots of special details to decorate their big day. The venue was adorned with numerous cute signs with the couple’s favorite quotes, their initials and lots of great photos. They even had a place where people could learn more about their bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

The stunning wedding arch and favors were handmade by the bride’s father and provided a great talking point for the guests. Candles lined the bridge and walk ways, making for a luminous night. 

The bridesmaids were dressed in different shades of pastels, adding wonderful color to the day. Guests happily munched on the desserts, an assortment of goodies and sweets!

A wedding filled with love and joy for all involved!

Pie for all!

A beautiful wedding with some really nice touches at Rancho Soquel. The bride used her "selfie stick" to capture some of the fun getting ready in the cottage with her girls.   

One of the biggest highlights of Matt and Andrea's wedding was the pie!  Gizdich Ranch delivered boxes and boxes of their popular Ollieberry and Dutch Apple and it was a hit!

Succulent centerpieces in home made boxes were a fantastic touch and will live on long after the day is done. Great idea!

A Casual DYI Wedding Filled with Love!

Danielle and Nick’s September 12th wedding was filled with wonderful family, sweet friends and an undeniable love between the bride and groom! 

It was also filled with wonderful DYI touches the bride herself worked tirelessly to put together.  Part of their guest book consisted of wine bottles guests could place advice into for the special moments to come in the couple's lives together, like when they buy their first home or have their first child. From the wine cork bar sign, hand built bike and succulent centerpieces the bride’s mom spent a year growing, there were amazing personal touches all over the venue. 

The bride and groom showed off their playful and laidback sides with matching socks for the groomsmen and instead of painful high heels, the girls wore cute matching sneakers. The couple’s love of the outdoors and traveling stood out with the trail mix bar during cocktail hour and the table centerpieces being named after places they’ve traveled. 

Dessert consisted of mini bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and included a surprise birthday cake for the bride’s dad, who happily shared his birthday with his daughter and said the “best present I could ever get was getting a son today”. The couple also shared a special bottle of wine with their guests that a close friend had given them a few years earlier, it was certainly big enough to share!

A wonderful day that we hope Danielle and Nick will look back on in joy forever! 

Blending Families, Blending Lives

Last Saturday two families became one in a beautiful ceremony conducted by Reverend Rich.  When he said it was Toys are Us that brought them together, he wasn't kidding. Christian and Crissy met there and began the courtship that would culminate in the blending of these two beautiful families.

In everyway it was a traditional wedding from the bridal attendants to the classic get-away car.

One third of the guests were under 12 so the cake was a big hit and the country band .....came all the way from LA to teach line dancing and keep the dancefloor full.