Ranch Elegance

When you take a setting like Rancho Soquel and bring in lots of elegant details, it really puts a bit of formality to an otherwise rustic setting. Michelle and Joshua's wedding had tons of classy details for their vintage/romantic theme.

Greeting their guests were the Rose Quartet who created a beautiful ambiance throughout the pre-ceremony and on through the cocktail hour. Speaking of the cocktail hour, Feast for A King catering outdid themselves with the appetizers...grilled Cajun prawns, mini meatballs in a sherry sauce boat, Gorgonzola filo cups and the hit of the party, mini grilled cheese sandwiches served over tiny cups of tomato basil soup!  And all of that prior to the beautiful buffet!

Signature cocktail Old Fashioneds and Blushing brides were a hit as well as the lawn games. This was a fun loving group!

Glitter & Fun was on Hand for Julie & Eric's Big Day!

Julie & Eric's big day was filled with love, laughter and lots of sparkle on a beautiful August 6th day at Rancho Soquel. The couple made sure to have as many personal touches a part of the day as possible. From the handmade bar sign and table assignment board to the photo book used as a guest book for everyone to sign, the day showed off this sweet couple's wonderful personalities! 

Gold glitter tablecloths adorned the cocktail tables and cake table while grey was the color choice for the dinner tables. The glitter theme continued throughout the venue from the custom corn hole bean bags to the bride's glitter tennis shoes she changed into after the ceremony. It all added an amazing sparkle to the day! 

So many other thoughtful details were on display throughout the day, but the display of love from this amazing couple was the best detail of the wedding! 

Old Fashioned Romance

Everything about Melissa and Nick's wedding was sweet and old fashioned.  From the very beautiful traditional dress to the very sweet friend (and Pastor) who married them.  It was a love story.  

Whenever we hear 11 bridesmaids and ushers, we get a little nervous but this group were truly in the service of the bride and groom and had their best interests at heart all day long. 

Nick's twin sons were the "here comes your bride" sign holders and his older son, the best man. The boys were nervous but did their jobs very well and looked pretty spiffy while they were at it. It looks like a  happy ever after ending to me

Rochelle & Nick tie the knot!

Gorgeous bride, beautiful food, great party!  Can't ask for more than that in a wedding day, right?

This was an "all hands on deck" Persian wedding and every Auntie was involved in some way. The amazing flowers were arranged by the bride's mother. The Sofreh table, complete with fruit, nuts, spices, cookies, crystalized sugar, photos of grandparents, a mirror and so many more symbolic item were arranged by the aunts.  

Many Persian traditions were followed, the "sugaring" of the couple, gold coins on the dance floor for prosperity and some beautiful dancing by the bride and her father that began the party.

The catering was provided by the fabulous Feel Good Foods! Guests raved about the beautiful and delicious food all night!

The cigar and whiskey bar proved to be a massive hit with everyone and provided a great gathering area during the reception. 

One of the highlights was the Bride's amazing "convertible" dress. She could remove her beautiful, big skirt to reveal a stunning silk figure hugging dress beneath that made dancing so much easier. 

This was truly a wonderful day for all involved and you could feel the love and happiness pouring out of everyone as they celebrated this amazing couple!


Marriage with a Spanish Flair!

It's wonderful when people can bring their cultural backgrounds into the wedding day and that's exactly what we saw last week at the wedding of Cristina and Karl. Her Spanish heritage came through in the brilliant color combinations in the flowers, umbrellas and fans that the guests enjoyed.  It was a sunny day so everyone took advantage of the shade from the beautiful parasols and it added a really festive element to the wedding.

Guests from all over the world, including Spain and Korea, enjoyed a really eclectic menu from Feast for a King catering. The Moroccan Chicken, Roasted Lamb and Sabzi Khordan (Mezza platter) were a big hit. Margaritas and Negroni's were the signature cocktails and the Charcuterie display included Spanish Chorizo and Jamon Serrano.

The best part, however, was the Flamenco treat provided by the bride's mom and aunts. They donned their flamenco costumes and performed a beautiful dance that lead into the dance time.

A very good time was had by all!