Away at Camp for Your Wedding Weekend!

What if you could go back to Summer Camp, just for a weekend, with your grown-up friends?

There would be Yoga in the morning, Swimming, Archery, Games, a Ropes course, Crafts, Movies outside at night-all those good things. But there would also be kegs of hand crafted beers and grown up snacks available 24/7.

Upon checking in, along with their blankets and pillows and directions to their cabins, sashes with the campers names were tucked inside their welcome bag as well as a map, snacks and a schedule of events for the weekend. Campers could earn “Badges” for their sashes throughout the weekend by participation. Everything kind of activity was celebrated with a badge from playing board games, enjoying smores and swimming to getting an “owie” and overindulging. It was a “gamers’ wedding come true!

Sound like your kind of weekend? A Redwood Grove Ceremony with a fantastic outdoor Reception and dancing with party DJ Matt Riley, Pie and Ice Creme and an afterparty with Cotton Candy and Popcorn and more drinks, of course.

This was the dream wedding for Alanna and Haru and they made it happen last week at Camp Campbell in Ben Lomond. It was a truly amazing, extremely well planned weekend wedding that the guests will never forget

Brad and Jenae Tie the Nott!

There were lots of really special moments at last week's wedding at Rancho Soquel. The black, white and mint theme was carried out perfectly with the help of They offer an array of vintage themed pieces that really pulled it all together. From the black and white striped cushions to the wonderful signage around the property, the design rentals that they provided really "tied" the event together...pardon the pun. 

When your finance's last name is Nott, there are many obvious ways you can go with this. Tying the Nott was a major theme throughout the day, for sure, but the fact that he is active military only added to the formality of the event.

Maybe the most dramatic moment of the day came when they couple crossed the bridge at Rancho Soquel and passed under the Arch of Sabors, the traditional welcome to military wives.

The Father/Daughter Tango was a highly anticipated dance and it was a real crowd pleaser....they took 12 dance lessons in order to flawlessly perform the beautiful dance.

And while we're doing things a bit differently, what about It's It ice creme bars for dessert? The guests loved them!

When Teachers Marry

When two teachers marry, not only do we get a lot of very well organized DIY projects but an event designed with the children in mind? Last weekend Nicole and Garrett's wedding was a super organized, very personalized event. The seating assignments were photos of each and every guest, most at events with the bride and groom. On the bottom of the Polaroids was the guests name and on the back, the table assignment, all hung very carefully in frames in the grape arbor. It was a huge project but what a great surprise for the guests.

When they found their table, there was another really amazing touch- a personal note to each and every guest inside the lantern decor. Did I mention they were teachers? The guests were delighted but not as much as the children who had their very own child sized table and chairs to do crafts at. " I spy "game cards and coloring books all about the wedding were quite a hit.

Since Peach was the color of the day, specialty cocktails were Sidecars and on each and every plate was a juicy ripe peach, conceivably for decor but they smelled and looked so delicious, they were gobbled up by the guests during dinner!

A truly gorgeous wedding for a really special couple!

Fun and Festive Wedding at Rancho Soquel

Amy and Ed's wedding on June 7th had sun, fun and very happy guests! Lots of fun touches could be found all over the wedding from the couple's favorite mab lib RSVP card responses to their Jenga pieces guest book. Plus the beautifully decorated chuppah added the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

The bride looked radiant walking down the aisle on both her father and mother's arm!

Susi's flowers outdid themselves with the arrangements! From the bride's bouquet to the centerpieces, the flowers added to the beauty of the day. Love Creek Catering provided a delicious feast that the crowd couldn't get enough of!

Dessert was a stunning display of dozens of cakes and cookies! And the favors, personalized water bottles, were a huge hit with guests!

Best of all the guests had an amazing time eating, drinking and dancing the night away!

Vintage Inspired Spring Wedding at Rancho Soquel

What does it look like when you combine Vintage and Cowboy in a rustic barn setting? Amanda and Josh's May 30th wedding at Rancho Soquel. The bridesmaids wore short mint green flowing dresses with their own brown cowboy boots. Even the flower girl was rocking her boots...didn't take them off all weekend!

The table settings were all unique designs from Seascape Flowers. Some had books, crystal perfume bottles, selzer bottles, planted herbs and of course each had a different arrangement of pale peach roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lisanthus, stock and every little pale peach and creme flower imaginable.

Beautiful food, artfully presented, as usual by Feast for a King catering. We couldn't photograph the cheesy potatoes because they disappeared so fast!

The arch was a labor of love built by the groom with railroad ties. Really a one of a kind work of art. A bit of a challenge for the Post-wedding Recovery portion of the program but truly a fantastic touch.

And let's not forget the games in the mint, peach theme...they were a hit the entire evening.